Lorelei Champion HF

Lorelei Champion HF
2008 RPSI mare
Redwine (Rotspon - Matcho AA) - La Championita HF by Le Champion
Born June 14, 2008 - June 13, 2019

Approved MMB RSPI - Produced a Gold Premium filly


Gorgeous chestnut mare with a blaze, lower white lip, and 3 stockings! Fantastic head and neck and super type, she's a beauty. Registered & approved for breeding with the RPSI, Gold Premium award. Lorelei was the Champion filly and also the highest scoring foal of the inspection, with an 8.6 on movement and an overall score of 8.4. Comments from the judge include "very well developed, correct filly, pretty face, very good neckset and well built topline." Comments about her movement: "really uphill in trot and in canter, and uphill and the hindlegs are really underneath."

Lorelei was bred in 2015 to the German Riding Pony stallion Beaujolais, owned by Tenacious Acres.  She produced a gorgeous typey dark bay filly who earned a Gold Premium with a score of 8.2 at her RPSI inspection at only six weeks of age! The filly, named Legion, was also named the high scoring foal of the inspection!  


Lorelei free jumping as a yearling (below):



Lorelei's first foal, a Gold Premium filly by German Sport Pony stallion, Beaujolais. This filly was the Top Foal at her inspection.